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Since when has funeral insurance been such a popular thing to advertise on tv?

I've seen at least 3-4 different companies on different channels, pay tv and free to air, advertising insurance cover. All these ads are telling people to be paranoid about dying and funeral costs. Also they promote how you get 3 times the insurance payout if death is accidental. Sounds like they want you to have someone die "accidentally" so you can get your insurance payout! They say if you are covered for $15K normally and someone dies an accidental death you get a payout of $45K! HOW GREAT!



I was on my way to work this morning on the tram when this old lady, probably 55-60 got on and sat next to me, darkish skinned Asian. Some ticket inspects got on the tram and asked to see everyone's tickets and she got up and walked towards the validating machine despite being asked repeatedly to stop and to show her ticket but she validated it and they told her off for ignoring them but I don't think she got a fine.

As she was getting off her seat this small square silver wrapped packet fell out on to the floor. After the inspectors headed off, she went to sit somewhere else and I thought well, I better pick it up and hand it to her because she dropped it. I went and picked it up and read the packaging and then promptly dropped it and thought....she won't miss it if I don't hand it back to her.

The packet said "Regular Condom" X3 I was like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! DID NOT NEED TO KNOW THAT!!!! DDDDDDDDDD=!!!!!!!!

Epic camping post!

Went camping on Saturday and returned yesterday around 6pm! Camping is fun, bouncing around the car walls, not so much so I like the camping bit but not getting there XD! Am glad to be back, about 2 nights is as much as I can take away from technology and the internet and you guys <3!

I took some travel videos so I shall let them do the talking XD! Apologise for my fail commentary and improvisation! D=



I started this journal about 3 days ago but never got around to finishing it until now since I've been so busy and rushing about everywhere but yay here it is ^^!

Not dead yet....!

Went op-shopping with Beanie yesterday and I am still alive I am proud to report ^^! We did a lot of walking, lots was the finding of the delicious fish and chips restaurant!
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Update post no. 46205624095

Uni is strangely fun this year! Well not strangely. I get to see Linc and Lucy every Tuesday at uni since I super rarely see them but I now get to spend time with them every week ^^!

I see all my anime club friends at least 4 times a week, I've been having wushu training twice a week where I get to see my friends there and have fun doing wushu. Doing 3 units, wow, this is good <3 I wish I could have this all the time XD! Also nice not having to do psychology and Chinese which to me, were not fun at all! Doing all units you like is nice, it's my best experience of university life so far ^^!

Must get moving along with my songs! I've been trying to come up with a guitar part for one song but I've been constrained because I want to be able to play it all while I'm singing. So I could write say two parts which sound great in a recording but can't be played live. I think I'll just write the parts, record it all and then figure out how to play it live when we get around to playing it live! Must make progress! Must have finish products!


Must resort to headband to prevent myself from ripping all my hair out when it gets near my eyes!

The gif was the 3 pics I took of myself with the webcam, was deciding which one to upload when I noticed all three is good since my head kinda went in a circle XD.

Speaking of extreme, I'll be EXTREEEEEEEEEEEME with Linc as Byakuran for Supanova Saturday yay! ^^

Was planning on going as Soul Eater from Soul Eater but there's no way I'll be able to make the costume and prepare everything in time.

Back to uni and THAT day

Super busy first week back (or not back) at uni!

Spent everyday at Caufield Monash cosplaying or in plain clothes promoting the club and trying to sign up new members. Lots of early mornings and late nights, great fun though but very tiring.

Still seeing club people almost every single day which is good, might get sick of them seeing them this much! XD

Was on the tram on my way home from work when the storm hit Melbourne. I happened to have a camera on me handily so I set about filming and photographing the events to document like the good little journalist that I am ^^! Unbiased news I bring to you! <3

Scenes from Elizabeth Street

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Here are the links to the videos I took of the day.



CNY and Linc's place and MCAC

Have been so lazy updating this! But I shall do it now!!!


Went to the city on Feb 14th with akinofujiko and some of her family and friends to watch the festivities for CNY.

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Videos of our awesome production line to mass produce each showbag! Do check it out!!!


OMG YES!!! At last, my dream guitar, Gibson Les Paul Traditional was delivered today.

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